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If you can survive in SEO/PPC, you can THRIVE in DR Radio/TV.

Just to break even on  you’ve already built an excellent product, a slick website, and a tight shopping cart.

More important, you’ve attracted hundreds even thousands of Internet searchers who decided to buy Your Thing instead of some other guy’s thing from a website that uses the same keywords in Search Engine Optimization or Pay Per Click.

What about the millions of prospects out there who haven’t yet begun to search for solutions to the problems you solve?

If you have a good product, a tight site, and some Happy Repeat Customers, I can increase your weekly sales 25% to 1000% in Direct Response Radio/TV.

The idea is to get your customers to explain why they chose you over all the other guys.

You’ve likely heard my Real People Radio/TV spots for Dinovite or Texas Super Food.  The “actors” are all customers.

Got an 800 number?  You can easily add 10-15% to your web revenues if your in-house CSRs can field and convert calls from people who really need to explain their problem to a human.

The strategy, media math, costs & ROI of DR Radio/TV aren’t nearly as complex as rocket science, but the general idea is similar.

It takes some energy and knowhow to get a brand into orbit inside people’s minds.

Once you’re up there, though, it’s easy to stay up there.  You already have the assets in place.  You just haven’t launched them.

Browse this site.  Listen to or watch some samples of my work.

Then do what you want your own best prospects to do.

Pick up the phone.

Call me, Peter A Burkhard, at 407.895.3092.

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