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Most Direct Response Radio Guys imitate
every other Direct Response Radio Guy on the air.

 Hire me to Beat 'em All.

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Imitation is Easy. Run heavy flights of hard-hitting announcer copy on the same stations & networks as every other DR Radio Guy.  Blend into the Daily Drone.  Lock in that minimum acceptable ROI for weeks, even months.

Beating all the other DR Guys does require some preparation, elbow grease, and skill.  It's also much more profitable. Year I my clients commonly increase radio-driven sales ±1000%.

You'll need Holy $#+! Creative, razor-thin Media buys, plus superfast phone & on-line Conversion.  You'll also need a tracking system that delivers maximum ROI from all three.

To my knowledge I am the only person in the country who provides all of the above in a pay-as-you-go turnkey Direct Response Radio Advertising Package.  (407) 895-3092.

You might prefer to buy safe, committee-scrubbed everything from a nearby Global Consortium Affiliated Advertising Agency.  
I've worked for several of them over the years.

Today I'd rather beat 'em all.  You?

     Peter A. Burkhard.
    (407) 895-3092.

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