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Ed Lukacevic's all-natural food supplement is for dogs who suffer from various Miseries often caused by nutritional deficiency. Most dog food is worse than human junk food.

Dog owners often ignore the itching, scratching and shedding for months.  When the dogs reach Critical Stink, the owners spend thousands of dollars on useless steroids and shots.  Then they finally pay attention to:

Stinky       Dog Food      Jake
Scratch     Misery           Timothy
Vets         The Bomb      Olive
Silky         Shots            Molly
Reorder!   Cats!             Brutus

Most DR Radio advertisers last about two years. In January 2014, we began Dinovite's ninth year on network radio.


For the past ten years Dr. Dennis Black, in Dallas, TX, has made his SuperFood with... 55 raw, vine-ripened fruits & veggies.  (CLICK TO LISTEN)  Before he went national, though, I felt he needed a slicker website, much classier packaging, and a name that would compete with California Veggies and Natural Foods.
Then I interviewed 12 happy customers to find out how TSF really works:

John T. was off all his prescription drugs in 30 days...  Trae D. lost 65 pounds in a tad under 90 days...   And Jamie G. feels better now than before she was pregnant!  More on the way.

Real People Radio

In the late 1990s I started to run spots for, the IT job board, that sounded more like talk shows than commercials. The idea was to use enthusiastic customer gush, carefully edited, to break through the Daily Drone of Urgent Announcer commercials. 

Good creative spikes response, so we need less frequency and can afford broader reach.  What about in-bound sales, customer retention. and the all-powerful Back End?

Beating out all the other guys requires a  disciplined approach to the three critical components of any profitable radio campaign.

Creative: Why Sound Real?
Media: Why Buy Thin?
Conversion: Why Close Fast!

Do you want to take your local, regional, or e-comm brand national?  The fastest way to do that may also be the most profitable but the least politically correct.

Impulse Shoppers have zero time to waste.Put up a fresh, clean, 4-6 page website. Easy to spell URL. Slick nav. Three minute read from Home Page to Shopping Cart. Then invite 60 million or so Impulse Shoppers to try your solution to their festering, as yet unsolved problem.

    Get them before they start to nitpick the content and prices on the top 20 SEO/PPC pages coughed up by goohoo 

    About 30% of all adults listen regularly to News, Sports, or Talk Radio. Most prefer to get news and information through the ear.  Some will call a phone number.  Mine is 407.895.3092.  Many more will click to see your presentation before they buy.  Just as you're doing now.

Track calls, clicks, conversion rates...Got Excel?  Track calls & clicks against P25+ gross impressions. Monitor UV1 conversion, average sale, and re-orders closely.  Tweak site content, radio copy, and media flighting according to actual results.   You can easily amp weekly revenues 10 to 20 times within a year or less, at a 4 or 5:1 MER, using my network direct response radio advertising methods.

    Why not stick with morning drive, or weekend infomercials?   If your station-produced commercials can survive in local spot radio at $10 to $35 per thousand impressions, you will flourish in network at 1/10 the cpm.  Can you handle the business?

Oh No, Not Rush Limbaugh! Aggghhh!Many Madison Avenue media planners fear that Talk Radio (Rush, Sean, Michael, Laura, etc) is just "too controversial" for their otherwise thick-skinned clients.  So fewer buyers pay lower prices for the most affluent, program-loyal audiences in the country.

Many DR Radio advertisers try to bludgeon their prospects into submission. In Talk Radio a slew of hard-nosed Direct Response guys buy massive media schedules and run the same Urgent Announcer copy for months until they finally flat line or go belly up.  You do not need a Bigger Hammer to beat these guys.  You need Me.

Peter Burkhard is the only person in the country who writes, produces, buys, and tracks the results of network radio advertising.My name is Peter Burkhard.  I am the only person in the country who writes, produces, plans, buys, and tracks the results of network radio advertising.

    If you've listened to network News, Talk, Sports or Country Radio at all in the past 20 years you've surely heard my long-running Real People Radio campaigns for Dinovite, Texas SuperFood,, and National Dynamics Speed Tapes, among others.

    Before them - Ryder, Budget, Carnival, Time Warner, Aetna, Taco Bell, McDonald's, and Excedrin, among others.  I've produced radio, TV, and print advertising for 300+ local, regional and national brands since most of your customers were in swaddling clothes.

    If you were a pure Impulse Shopper, you'd have already called me at 407.895.3092.

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    But perhaps you'd like to compare the details of my creative strategy, production techniques, media buying, conversion and tracking methods to those of the 20 other corporate, retail, and DR gurus coughed up by goohoo too

    Start with a brisk plunge into The Math.  Or just browse this site.  Read an article or three.  Listen to a few campaigns.

    Then, finally, gird up your loins and do what you want your own best prospects to to do.  Pick up the phone.

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